Castelnaudary – Burdeos.

Not much to say really. Too much wind and Vicky not willing to deal with it that much, she managed to talk me to take another train. We confront two different ways of thought: Mine, a rather EFI one (every fucking inch ride) willing to ride as much as possible. She is much more down to earth and aware that the faster we go, the more we can see (meaning that money won´t run out as fast on more expensive places such as here). She doesn´t mind skipping just harder areas where there is not much more different, since she knows we will be pedaling much more later. I’m not that happy, but I can make my mind into saving a couple of days of hard work against the wind.

So with even thinking of going back, to change roads for a cruise with a better angle towards budeaux, in the end, I did enter into reason and take the freaking train.

And in Bordeaux there was awaiting us Pia.

So off we go to meet her!


We get to Bordeaux and the city baffles us. It is the nicest city we have ever visited. Suck that Castelnaudary! haha. We have never seen a place like this. I was pedaling and wandering my thoughts. Looking around, shooting some photographs.

In the end we did find Pia’s place (Google maps our friend, of course!). We shout out her window- Spaniard style! She opens her house to us, and cooks us a wonderful dinner. She even went the extra road and let us the full place, since she was going to her boyfriends place. For as long as we want, she says. Wow. We tried to tell her that we can sleep on the floor, that our camp stuff is great – it is!- but she just doesn’t accept any of it. We lastly agree to stay 3 nights: Time enough to see everything around, be with her for some time and meet again with Julian too. Well and rest a bit that is.



Castelnaudary – Burdeos.
Poco que decir, seguia el viento y hemos decidido coger un tren a burdeos. Parece que desde mañana amaina un poco, pero seguir asi era demasiad dificil, nos planteabamos volver para atras para coger atajos etc. En Bordeaux nos espera Pia!

Asi que nos vamos a verla.

LLegamos a burdeos y me impresiona la ciudad. Es lo mas bonito que he visto nunca. No he visto una ciudad igual. Iba pedaleando y pensando y mirando y tirando fotos. Al final encontramos la casa de pía (amigo google maps como siempre!Thanks!) y le pegamos un buen grito, al estilo español!Nos acoge en su casa, cenamos y nos sorprende que nos deja la casa entera el tiempo que queramos estar. UAU!Ella tiene sitio en casa de su novio, y aunque le insistimos de que se quede y de que podemos dormir con nuestras cosas, que es como estar en una cama (y es verdad!), no hay manera. Así que nos quedaremos 3 noches, para verlo todo, estar con ella, ver a Julian y reponer fuerzas.

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